Friday, June 02, 2006

In the Beginning ....

Long time viewer, first time poster ... of blogs that is!

OK, here I am creating a blog... crazy! Who woulda thunk it! My dear friend Audrey (aka PhilPhil 4v4 told me that blogger was a good site to start so here I am. I came up with the name for this thinking its pretty darned good... what do you think?

OK, you'll notice I'm an elipse fan... What's an elipse you ask? Well, those wonderful three periods my friend! I know I don't use them correctly because I use them waaaaaay too much but that said, I'll make my apologies and continue on ... with my elipses! Lol.

Now I will get more fancy shmancy as time goes on and I have plans for this blog but for tonight this is my big accomplishment ... creating a blog! Ta da!

See ya soon... hopefully!