Saturday, February 24, 2007

You Glow Girl!

I did a LO the other day which I feel is a little simple but still pretty. (Please click on it to view credits at my DST gallery.) I made it simple because I honestly was so excited by the effect I created that I wanted to use it right away and didn't have time to do anything more than this.

So then I realized that this might make a pretty cool action... the photo effect, not the LO, lol. :D Click on the action example to view it bigger.

So here is the action for you to download. You'll want to read the Tips for more ideas on how to utilize this action to its utmost.

And remember to give credit and leave a little love below in my comments area. Thanks! :D

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Have a Seat... this is gonna be long....

I had some fun and wonderful news yesterday morning. I won Doris Castle's Lost Mojo contest!!!! Yipeee! The prize is a $25 GC to her store too!!!! Super Yippeee! I love her style and although I had tons of fun with her 70's style kit doing the LO, I love her soft and flowing style of most of her other kits and can't wait to acquire more! :D

Here's the LO that I created with her cool kit called "Lost Mojo" which you can pick up at ScrapbookGraphics

If you would like to read the journaling or make a comment, you can go to my gallery at DST here.

Now, what is written below was actual written yesterday. It was originally an email to my sweet friend Barb (aka Mrs Miles) and she asked that I post it on my blog because she thought it might amuse you all. So please excuse the fact that it is one long run on paragraph (nevermind the fact that is probably one big run on sentence) that was kinda the way it happened... a long run on moment... here goes... pull up a chair if you haven't already... although how you're at your computer and you're not on a chair... well, nevermind... here goes...

I was writing you this letter when I heard Amelia upstairs doing something that didn't sound good... so, I go upstairs as the phone rings and answer it... its the realestate agent calling to see how the house is coming along and if its ready to sell... I walk into Amelia's room and although its torn apart (which is to be expected with a small room crammed with lots of toys AND a two year old) nothing seems out of the ordinary.... until the realtor is in the middle of a sentence and Amelia walks by and I see a large white clump of "something" in her hair at the back... at first it didn't click but then... oh no!.... yup, sure enough, I go in and the large canister of Balmex diaper rash cream is covered with it ... on the outside!!! And then I notice, the changing table, the changing cover, a stuffed animal toy, a really nice Hawaiian quilt... her pants and then horror of horrors, her face... near her mouth!!! This all happens while I'm still on the phone with the realtor! Thankfully she's understanding and gets off the phone quick after saying she'll be coming over later with her husband to check on something we had talked about earlier. So first I try to get Amelia in order and except for the face and hair and a some whitishness to her pants, she seems fine. So I take the canister down, wipe it off with a cloth and read, "Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, call poison control immediately." OK, ok, don't panic, don't panic I say to myself... I go downstairs call 911 and they connect me to poison control... and as poison controls connects... Amelia falls and hits her chin! And she's unconsolable... screaming crying to the point I can barely hear poison control person who no doubt thinks the crying is poison related.... sheeshhhhh! So, miraculously through the crying, I answer her questions and she tells me that it should be ok because they normally don't eat so much because its thick and hard to swallow... but does she know my DD I ask myself? Hmmmmm.... so give her water she says... which I do.... and then I go upstairs to survey any more damage and to contain that which has already been contaminated by the white smearing mess that doesn't want to go away easily... all the while asking Amelia if she ate a lot... she's babbling and saying yes and no because to her they're all the same... when I key in on the fact that she keeps mentioning our dog Hoku... and then it slowly and horrifyingly dawns on me... the DOG! She fed it to the dog... and we have a lab mix who eats anything and everything!!!! So I start calling her ... and calling her ... and calling her... now we don't have a big house by any means so for her to not only not hear me but to not come (I'm using my sweet "I love you doggie" voice) is getting me a little scared... my creative imagination which is good for scrapbooking isn't so good when put to the task of envisioning a dog that just ate loads and loads of something that says, call poison control immediately on it! I will admit that there are definitely days that I wish I didn't have a dog but when it comes down to it, I would never really want her to go... and especially not THAT way! Egahds!!! So I go running downstairs and turn the corner all the time calling for the dog, only to realize that while trying to get things straightened away, I had locked her in the basement!!! Whew!!! Still, our usually all black (well super dark brown really) dog has big splotchy toddler sized handprints in white all along her side! Does the fun ever end?!??! So, I try to clean her up best I can and looking at my wreck of a house (remember I said we are moving and I'm cleaning out closets that have been closed for two years, gulp) I decide its best to get Amelia in the tub instead of try to straighten up. So about five minutes after I get the shampoo in her hair, the doorbell rings!!! Right! Of course, I knew something else was gonna happen... so as much as I hate to do it, I tell Amelia to stay in the tub I'll be right back... and I run down to the door... and its the realtor and her husband. They wanted to check on something (that's necessary) in the back and they can't get through the gates as they would normally do because the snow is blocking them closed. Sighhhhh. So, as much as I abhor the thought, I open my door to let them in... into my super, super messy house with tons of stuff scattered everywhere, laundry flung down the stairs which was going to be put into a basket to go downstairs... dishes in the sink, stuff, stuff, stuff EVERYWHERE! Ughhhhhhhhh! So, they say no problem and they go through the house (more mess in other rooms) and outside... then I rush, rush, rush Amelia out of the tub and desperately try to assemble some order in my home... at least enough to make me feel like I'm not a complete wreck of a housekeeper... and they come back in and thankfully leave quick enough so I make lunch for Amelia and set her up then fix myself a bowl of the same pasta, pull the chair out to sit down.... and the dog throws up!!! OH MAN! Can I tell you that I am the absolute last person you want to clean up throw up? Give me the stinkiest most disgusting diaper and I'm fine but a little throw up and my stomach revolts against me, against gravity, against everything and then some! So, with my yummy dish of pasta sitting there almost saying "na na na na na na na," I go to clean up the mess...

OK, that's my day so far... how about you?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Record!

Two posts in one day! Wow, this is totally a record for me! Lol. I wanted to share some of our yummy chocolates with you all. And since I can't afford to give you the real thing, I thought I would share it digitally. Someday when our site gets up, I'll put the link to our store on my blog... until then, enjoy these! (And the best of it all, no calories!!!)

Click on the photo to eat them up! :D

Oh yes! Please tell me if you like them or not. :D

Has this Ever Happened to You?

Hey all!

I am just kinda well, arghhhhh would be the best way to put it I guess. I just left a chat at a site that I thought I would check out for the first time. I have bought a few small things there (it will remain nameless) and I totally respect their talents so I thought, let me check out a chat. Well, I tried and tried to get "in" on the discussions but there was more of the little chitty-chatty stuff and when I would try to say something, it was lost so quickly. I said hi a couple of times and no one answered. I asked a very pointed question about something they kept talking about that I didn't understand and waited for an anwer... but no one did. I felt totally invisible and unwelcomed.

I know, I know, chats move fast and people can easily get lost in the shuffle but I made a point of saying it was my first chat there. When I was on a moderator team and a creative team on a couple of different sites, I always saw it as part of my job to make sure everyone felt welcomed and that you at the very least said hi to people when they entered the chat. I still do that as a matter of fact, at least in the sites where I'm well known.

I'm not really running the site down... especially because you all don't know which site I'm talking about. I guess I'm more or less just getting this off my chest because I felt totally let down and kinda depressed like a new kid in school who couldn't even be noticed by the popular girls let alone talk to them. I do have more important things in my life of course and this is so small but it bothered me enough that I just wanted to vent a little to the only people who could understand. Its kinda pathetic really and writing about it is helping me get it... ok, I'm feeling kinda silly now. Its just a darned chat afterall right? Lol... ok, never mind! Let's go back to being happy little scrappers now. :D

Monday, February 05, 2007

How Do They Do It?!?!?!

I really wanted to play around and create some different Valentines papers for you all but somehow I got stuck creating the same paper, over and over and over and over! I am hoping you all don't mind. I'll make this post brief and get right to the point... :D If you would like to download these papers....

then click here! :D Have a great day and please leave a comment if you download. :D