Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I had Muppet Brain!

Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! But I did screw up and I have a nice lil' apology for you to download now. Plus one more Muppet flashback too!

I put both the sunset paper and the blue sky paper together for you to download, just click on the preview below. And, as you noticed, it too is S4H/S4O friendly! Enjoy!



Monday, June 09, 2008

May The Muppets live forever!

OK, I guess after coming back here, I've been fixated on Muppets. Well, you (and any little ones you show this to) will be too after listening to this a few times. Its actually a tune that is from Peter Pan but thanks to the genius of Jim Henson and the minds behind (or is it inside) the Muppets, we've got some fun lyrics!

So now that you've played that about ten times (I'm hoping I'm not the only one, lol) how about something to reflect the insanely high temps outside? Well, if you're anywhere near me in North Carolina, you've most likely spent today inside saying, "Man it's HOT out there!" Saying that after coming inside is like playing with a canker sore in your mouth... you swear you're not going to do it again but then you find yourself doing it again, lol. MAN its HOT out there!


Of course the text isn't there, that's just the preview, lol. There's only the one paper at 300 dpi 12x12 and I'm thinking it would be really great with half of it used as a sunset on a horizon. The beauty of it is, you can flip it upside down for a second page! :D Just think of a mock African desert scene with a flaming sunset in the background. And you know how hot it is out there so I'm thinking this would be a good one for really getting that feeling across. Please, please, please send me a layout if you use it! I would looove to see what someone would come up with and I'd love to feature it here if you wouldn't mind. I would even throw in a cool reward if you'd like. I have some funky, fun wordart that I've been meaning to post but haven't gotten around to and I'd be happy to share the link with you, just email me! Oh yeah, click on the image to go to the download link. :D