Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I found my Dream Bathroom on the street in NYC

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Yup, these photos were taken about five years ago while I was walking home from work to go back to my apartment in Brooklyn. I think it was on Fifth Avenue right by the Flatiron building. It was a window display at one of those fancy upscale stores that I never felt confident enough to go into. Thankfully I didn't have any problem taking this photo for future inspiration. Here I am five years later and (hopefully) soon we'll be selling our first home and moving to North Carolina. I hope to find myself in a new house with the ability to make my dream bathroom become my reality. Until then, these photos remind me of what it will look like... minus the reflection of New York City's buildings, lol.

Credits: Nancy Comelab's wonderful photo frames and Bethany Mott's heart and background paper :D

OH... I'm editing this as an afterthought. I realized that I still had chosen one more photo to feature here. I love this photo and although there is a very good story behind it, it is also very personal so I will just leave you with only the picture. After all, they do say they are worth a thousand words, lol. :D