Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well, I am terrible... I haven't gotten back to this sad, sad, saaaaad blog in quite some time. I appreciate all the wonderful emails and comments from all of you, my friends. There was a very dear person who wrote an email to me and I honestly "lost" it... I am soooo, soooo sorry! If you read this, please email me again. You were so sweet and understanding and wrote such a lovely long letter telling me to keep my chin up and giving me a wonderful (and much needed) pat on the back. I don't know what I did to lose it. I am a bit of a scatter brain most of the time and I must have opened another window then got distracted, then distracted again and so on and so forth... which isn't as hard to do as you think when you know that I have a two year old that's quite rambunctious. But, I ramble... I just wanted to tell whoever that was that I really meant to reply and thank you in depth but I can't seem to figure out where that email went to! Ughhhhh.

Now, to update those of you who wonder what is going on in my life. Well, hopefully something good! I haven't even told my family this or any of our friends, although my DH has told his (which I guess are mine too) friends but until it comes from my lips, I've not told anyone this yet! (Hmmm, technically then this is coming from my fingers not my lips so am I telling you?!?!? Lol.) OK, really this rambling is getting out of hand! Now onto my dish....

We might be moving! YEAH!!!! I have some mixed emotions about this but for the most part I am thrilled! I am trying to not get too excited because this is going to be very hard for my DH to do and he may back out at the last minute but given the circumstances, this would be the absolute best thing we could do. If anyone reading this is from Long Island, you will think yeah, so what but for the majority of the rest of the country, this will be shocking. Housing on Long Island is nuts... I mean really, really nuts! We have been thinking of downsizing our house and our lifestyle but when a normal little house on less than an eighth of an acre of land goes for half a million dollars (yup, $500,000) and up, what downsize are we talking about?!??! Seriously, we looked at a run down house on a postage stamped size of property in a nice neighborhood (the only reason we looked) and it was $469,000! The taxes were a little over nine thousand a year! Now our house is nice and it has appreciated some in the three years we've lived here but not enough to afford a house half the size on one eighth the property!

Soooo, moving would be swell! Awesome in fact! Where would we move to? North Carolina is where our mental compass is pointed and it seems to be the destination of most leaving Long Island. Keep us in your prayers that this is the move we need to make and that all goes smoothly.

Peace, Love and Hugs my friends!

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Beth said...

Hey there!

Glad to see you're "bloggin" again. :D
I don't care what anyone says, it can be quite therapuetic. :)

When I changed mine (blog) around I deleted some of my wording and later thought to myself...doofus that was dumb!
I could have kept it and further down the road re-read, it's a moment in time put into words.
My thoughts, my feelings.

Good luck and keep us posted, I wish you the best. ;)