Monday, September 25, 2006

And still they Fall

Hello again!

I am happy to hear that the link ran out for my freebie quickpage! That means that it was downloaded 100 times which is very cool to know that you all like it that much. Very cool. :D

So since there are still more out there that would like to get this, I am happy to give you a new link. I have been having some problems with YouSendIt for some reason so I am trying 4shared. Let's see how it goes. Here's the QP link.

And in the previous post you'll notice I mentioned some additional papers. I broke it into two downloads but still don't have a preview. Consider it a grab bag and if you like it keep it otherwise you can put it in your trash, lol. Here's the paper link

And if you wanted to get a couple of goodies that have no reason whatsoever to be put together. They are some sparkly kissing fish which I digitally cut out of a picture I took of my DD's shirt and a crocheted doiley which I think might look cute on the side of a page... let me see please if you use any of these! :D Here's that Crochet and Fish link.

And here's a preview of the fish and the crochet

And last but not least, please, please, please leave a comment if you download anything. I really like to hear from people! :D Oh, and just one more thing, drop shadows are only placed on the above two images for preview purposes. Have fun! :D


Anonymous said...

The quickpage is great. The fish and crochet link says the file is suspected of illegal content.

Rebecca said...

Hmmmmm, strange... definitely nothing illegal about these. I just fixed the link. I think it may have had a problem because I renamed the folder through their system. Such is the way with trying something new... trial and error.


Annette said...

Thank you very much for all the great shares!

Susi said...

Thanks very much...I particularly love the crochet piece...GREAT work
:-) Susi

RiordM said...

Girl, you crack me up!!! Love the QP, you are too kind. that I know where to find you...I can show some luv! LOL Thank you so much for the awesome goodies. What a beautiful treat!

JoAnn said...

Cute fishies!! :) Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

They're real cute thanks.

Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank You for putting up the Autumn fall QP & BG's , the fish are really cool and I love the crochet edge border!

angmag55 said...

thank you for these great freebies.