Thursday, February 08, 2007

Has this Ever Happened to You?

Hey all!

I am just kinda well, arghhhhh would be the best way to put it I guess. I just left a chat at a site that I thought I would check out for the first time. I have bought a few small things there (it will remain nameless) and I totally respect their talents so I thought, let me check out a chat. Well, I tried and tried to get "in" on the discussions but there was more of the little chitty-chatty stuff and when I would try to say something, it was lost so quickly. I said hi a couple of times and no one answered. I asked a very pointed question about something they kept talking about that I didn't understand and waited for an anwer... but no one did. I felt totally invisible and unwelcomed.

I know, I know, chats move fast and people can easily get lost in the shuffle but I made a point of saying it was my first chat there. When I was on a moderator team and a creative team on a couple of different sites, I always saw it as part of my job to make sure everyone felt welcomed and that you at the very least said hi to people when they entered the chat. I still do that as a matter of fact, at least in the sites where I'm well known.

I'm not really running the site down... especially because you all don't know which site I'm talking about. I guess I'm more or less just getting this off my chest because I felt totally let down and kinda depressed like a new kid in school who couldn't even be noticed by the popular girls let alone talk to them. I do have more important things in my life of course and this is so small but it bothered me enough that I just wanted to vent a little to the only people who could understand. Its kinda pathetic really and writing about it is helping me get it... ok, I'm feeling kinda silly now. Its just a darned chat afterall right? Lol... ok, never mind! Let's go back to being happy little scrappers now. :D


Geri said...

That has happened to me more than a few times! It is so frustrating. I hate feeling like the "new kid" LOL!

Margie said...

Sorry for your frustration. HOpefully next time you can have more opportunity to chat. :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I know what you mean..I tried it at several places and not only when they were busy..just a couple of people...I was invisible to them I guess.LOL..I don't chat any more.:)Actually..come to think of it..I never did..cause they never acknowledged I was there.LOL Guess they have the "select" few that they will chat with.But I had that in High School too..I think they called them 'clicks" at the time.If you weren't in their never would be.:)But I am a survivor.LORL.There are others I have made friends with.:)

lindad said...

I, too, have given up on chats. I felt totally unwelcome and an outside when I tried three or four time to join chats. They are just not worth the time or effort to me.

Melanie said...

I, too, have been in those shoes and hate it. I guess since I'm on a couple sites, I try to welcome everyone or at least say hi. Yes, sometimes they move very fast and at some it is all clicks. But that's just the world we're in, I suppose. Of course, it's the same when applying for a CT. It's a shame. But you know the theme song to CHEERS....'where everybody knows your name' stop on by. Mwah!