Monday, October 23, 2006

I Give to you ... the MOON!

I am trying to come up with something witty about giving you the moon but frankly I'm stumped. Be a dear and leave a witty comment, may be telling me what I should have said... along with if you like it or not please. Lol. Thanks for looking.

Oh, yes, I thought this would be fun on a Halloween LO I created and since I couldn't find a full moon anywhere, I thought you might be in the same boat... soooo, here's the moon for you tonight! Full, (hopefully) beautiful and oh so bright! (The black night sky behind is not included, lol.)


Catch the Moon here!


Suzi said...

This is really cool!I love how it really looks like it's glowing!

Pam said...

Just what I needed! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Sorry, I'm just not witty! cg

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thanks for sharing the moon with me.:)Too early for witty.LOL

Dana said...

Thank you - this is a great looking moon - and will make a great page with my son's new obsession of looking for the moon ...

Beth said...

Hi Rebecca!

I have to say, you leave the nicest comments!
I enjoyed your posts to my Blogs' comment area.
This moon will make for a great add on .. I think I'm also going to use it on one of my digital paintings.
I'm painting a night scene with a waterfall coming over a large cliff, and the glow will be an amazing effect... it's wonderful.
Thanks for sharing. ;)