Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who Doesn't Need a Hug

Every Now and Then?

I found this wonderful video on AOL news this morning and I thought it was such a great way to express the love I feel in the scrapbooking community. I think almost everyone in the digi-world has this in them and would love to share such open, honest love if given the chance.

The story behind this video is interesting too. Seems the gentleman doing the hugging was going through some tough times and decided that instead of wallowing in them, he would do something life affirming and uplifting... hence the "Free Hugs" sign. When a singer noticed this interesting fellow, he did this small film and then put his music to it. That was pretty much the most that ever happend to it until this sweet hugging gentleman then went through some further tough times and the singer put the video up on YouTube to let everyone "Give a Hug" to someone who needed it... the original hugger! How cool is that? And now, he's become an internet You Tube celebrity... even been on Oprah! So, how 'bout you? Need a hug? :D


VJ's Scrap Room said...

I hadn't seen this.Soooo very glad you put it on here for me to see...:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the hug. It's good start to my day :)

KraziKatLadi said...

Thanks so much for the hug hon...I was VERY much in need of one today. I now have a smile on my face and my spirits have been lifted. The video was absolutely wonderful, he is a man of hopeful vision IMHO and I'm so glad he shared it with everyone. Thank YOU for sharing it with us!

(((Purrs))) KKL =^..^=

Anonymous said...

That's really sweet ^_^

Bethany said...

Rebecca! Thanks for leaving a comment on my flowers. It's always such a treat for me to get comments from you. I'm so glad especially today though because I clicked on Tink and saw this video which made me cry happy tears. So touching. I LOVE it!!! Thank you.

Tami said...

Aww,this made me cry and smile!!! HUGS! HUGS! to everyone!!!